Unity is Strength is a graduate of the GreaterSum Foundation Winter 2021 Nonprofit Virtual Incubator.

Unity is Strength is a Cooperation Circle (CC) of the United Religions Initiative (URI) and is the winner of a 2021 URI World Interfaith Harmony Week Award.


Unity is Strength would like to thank Sustainable Israeli-Palestinian Projects (SIPP) for their support in the form of a grant.


Rebecca Sealfon, founder, is a Reconstructionist Jewish writer and social media consultant who lives in New York City. Before creating the forum, she was a software engineer at Google. Rebecca has published in the New York Daily News, Smithsonian magazine, and the Daily Beast, as well as appeared multiple times on NBC’s Rosie O’Donnell Show.

Shaheen Jiyan Muganda, intern, graduated from Multimedia University of Kenya with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering. He is based in Nairobi, Kenya.